Lippmannian Device

The Lippmannian device is named Walter Lippmann, and provides a coarse means of showing actor partisanship.


The Lippmannian Device queries a search engine of your choice and makes the results available for further analysis. In the top text box, place the source set, in this case a list of URLs. In the bottom text box, place key words. The search engine will be asked if each keyword occurs in each URL. Results are displayed as a tag cloud and an html table. They also are written to a text file which you can access at the bottom or through previous results.
Harvester feature: In the top box, you may also place a combination of URLs and text, and the URLs will be fetched out of the text and queried for the key words placed in the bottom box. Detailed instructions of use and use cases are available.
To merge divided scrapes from the same project together, use the Lippmannian Merge tool. If you are interested in overall (rather than per-site) search results, try the Search Engine Scraper.

Sample project

The Lippmannian Device can be used for a number of specific research projects, including censorship research, and source distance research. The most common use of the tool is researching the presence as well as the ranking of particular sources within search engine results. A sample project is this tag cloud, which visually presents unique hosts from top 100 URLs returned from the query of "synthetic biology." The hosts are sized by occurences of "Venter" on each site. The method for this project: 1) Search google for "synthetic biology". 2) Paste top 100 results in the top box, and enter Venter in the bottom box.


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