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Mother wearing the helmet of her son in a go kart

For any parent, they always wish to safeguard their kids. This is a sensation that never ever disappears. So as they prepare to get their kid into Go-Karting, moms and dads may ask "Is Go-Karting safe for my child?"

Whilst there are clearly threats associated with the sport. Injuries such as cuts and scrapes prevail along with possible burns. Regardless of this, Go-karting is safe (and rather enjoyable) for both kids and adults alike.

Go karting (similar to any sport) can obviously trigger injury if you do not focus and act. If you take care of all the security, you will have a fun time.

What are the potential risks of Go-Karting?
  • Cuts and scrapes - many parts of a Go-Kart can be sharp, and these parts can typically be exposed. There is constantly a possibility that a misplaced hand can trigger a cut or scrape of some sort.
  • Burns - As I discussed in the short article about Gas vs Electric, the engine of a gas go kart is exposed. This means that should a child lose their hand, and it arrive on the engine, serious burns can take place
  • Crashes - Similar to a car, a go kart zips around at top speeds. Similar to a vehicle, a go kart crash can cause an array of injuries such as: whiplash, broken bones etc.
  • An absence of a seat belt - I have actually drawn many similarities to automobiles, however there's one main distinction- seat belts. Or more precisely- the lack of them. In the UK and US there are no laws on seat belts for go karts. It is reported that the UK will vote on whether to make it compulsory for go karts to have seat belts.
  • Tire attacks - This sounds unusual, so let me explain this more. A tire attack is where you crash into the side of the track, and all the tires (that comprise the course) fall on you. This is clearly created not to hurt a karter, but sometimes this will hit you. It won't trigger much damage - absolutely nothing more than a swelling, however the shock is unique.
What are the best ways to protect yourself from injury?
Clearly, these injuries are extensively avoidable. The very best method to protect yourself is to have protective gear. I have briefly discussed this is my post on "Is go karting a pricey pastime?" post where I discussed this briefly.

Which equipment is the very best?
  • Helmet - I would suggest something like a Sparco Club X1 would be terrific for a kid. It's fantastic value for money and is excellent defense for anyone who's seeking to safeguard their head
  • Overalls - I would suggest the OMP Summer-K-Kart (Kid) which offers excellent security at a cost effective cost
  • Gloves - These are essential as these requirement to protect you if you mistakenly touch the engine. I would personally suggest the OMARA and POLYESTER gloves- they cost $10 and work fantastic if you accidentally touch the engine. The gloves also supply added grip to your steering wheel, in order for you to keep the best grip on your wheel at all times
  • Boots - for competitive racers like me, you may wish to consider purchasing some boots. These boots allow you to have optimal protection with almost unrivalled convenience. While my boots might be custom made, a good set of racing boots can cost just $35 at KidsATVSale!
Certainly, you're better off examining your kart. It might have other intricacies that need unique defense. A kart a pal of mine had actually required him to purchase an armadillo shell- just like a Motorcyclist wears. Another pal had a kart that required specialized Go-Karting boots. Otherwise the pedals would melt through the soles of his shoes- he has now eliminated that go kart.
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