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Screenshot Generator

Follow these steps to use the screenshot generator:

1. Get yourself a login on a linux machine (or possibly any other unix with the XWindows system, so that disqualifies macosx) 2. Download the file screenshotGenerator.bz2 3. Unzip it in your home directory:
  1. Open a terminal/shell
[foo@bar foo]$ pwd                            # find out the current working directory
  • Find the file ('find . -name screenshotGenerator.bz2' for example)
[foo@bar foo]$ find . -name screenshotGenerator.bz2
  • Extract the files with 'tar -jxvf screenshotGenerator'
[foo@bar foo]$ tar -jxvf ./Desktop/screenshotGenerator.bz2
[foo@bar foo]$ 
  • Change into the screenshotGenerator directory
[foo@bar foo]$ cd screenshotGenerator
[foo@bar screenshotGenerator]
  • Find out if the firefox binary is in your path with 'which firefox'
  • If it is, you'll see something like:
[foo@bar screenshotGenerator]$ which firefox
[foo@bar screenshotGenerator]$
  • If it isn't you'll see something like:
[foo@bar screenshotGenerator]$ which firefox
which: no firefox in (/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin/:/usr/local/j2sdk1.4.2_03:/usr/games:/home/gmc/bin)
  • If it is not in your path, edit the file (use xedit, gedit or kedit, on of these must be available, eg. 'gedit'), find the following lines:
    # You may need to adjust these        
#    firefox_cmd = "firefox-bin -remote openurl\('" + full_url + "'\)"
    firefox_cmd = "firefox -remote openurl\('" + full_url + "'\)"
    xwd_cmd = "xwd -frame -root -out screen.xwd"
    jpg_cmd = "xwdtopnm < screen.xwd | ppmtojpeg > ./img/" + url + ".jpg"
  • Replace the first occurence of firefox following the 'firefox_cmd' with the actual location of the firefox binary (you can find it with 'location firefox', on my system it is at /usr/local/firefox/firefox):
    firefox_cmd = "/usr/local/firefox/firefox -remote openurl\('" + full_url + "'\)"
  • Now you should edit 'domains.txt', and put the domains (without the http:// or any following paths) in there
  • Now start the script with 'python' and wait for it to finish
[foo@bar screenshotGenerator]$ python
xwdtopnm: writing PPM file
xwdtopnm: writing PPM file
xwdtopnm: writing PPM file

-- KoenMartens - 03 Feb 2006
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