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Digital Methods: Tools and Utilities The various scrapers, crawlers, etc. listed below may be useful for different digital methods. For convenience, the list is l...
Digital Methods Summer School 2008: Jubilee and Workshop 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 Jubilee Project Pages Studying Software Studying Software P...
Nofollow / Indexing Issues in the Blogosphere Introduction: Indexing and Ranking Search engine critiques generally focus on either the allocation of pages to be ...
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Steps Tools related to this protocol %SEARCH{ search="ProtocolTemplate( ^A Za z0 9 $) ( ^A Za z0 9 $) Dmi.ProtocolTemplate( ^A Za z0 9 $)" type="regex" ...
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DMI Tools Digital Methods Project Overview FAQ Tag Cloud Introduction The Digital Methods Initiative is a contribution to doing research into the "nati...
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