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Cultures of Crisis Project members: Douglas Allen, Ali Honari, Bo Mai, Sara Minucci, Marta Severo, Michael Stevenson, Wojciech Walczak The term crisis refers to a...
r13 - 05 Jul 2012 - 09:38 by DouglasAllen
Luis F. Alvarez Leon, Johannes Paßmann, Johan Söderberg OBJECTIVETrack the different types of financial transactions present in websites related to a particular i...
r2 - 06 Jul 2012 - 13:03 by LuisAlvarez
Web Flags Members: Federica, Charlotte, Sabine, Tomasso, Nadia Inspiration for this project: Colours of the world wide social web:
r16 - 29 Jun 2012 - 15:33 by SabineNiederer
Number of topics: 3
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